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1) Fill in the use file in time following functioning the glove box, together with "user, h2o oxygen value, what to do"

two) When changing gasoline cylinders in the glove box, the tension is established to the default worth ± 3mbar

three) The everyday performing tension is established in accordance to the running comfort. When not in use for a very long time, the pressure is set to one-6mbar

four) On a regular basis test the use of the gloves, look at the oil degree of the vacuum pump (in between the upstream and downstream markings), and add the pump oil properly

5) Clear the drinking water probe as soon as every two to three months to ensure accurate detection. (Also require to refer to the actual scenario of the surroundings in diverse consumer bins

6) If you usually use natural and organic solvents in the used glove box box, it is proposed that you often substitute the organic solvent adsorbent material, not later than 1 12 months at the most up-to-date

seven) Exchange the filter component on a regular basis, no later than two several years

8) According to the genuine use of your glove box, determine to replace the vacuum pump oil cycle, these kinds of as black and yellow pump oil, water or far more natural and organic solvents in the pump oil. The oil substitute cycle ought to not exceed two decades at the most current

9) If a massive quantity of organic and natural solvent is inevitably uncovered during the experiment, the cycle requires to be stopped for the experiment. Right after the experiment, first thoroughly clean and then begin the cycle

ten) When the atmosphere in the box is harmful or destructive gasoline, the exhaust port of the vacuum pump, the exhaust port of the regeneration fuel and the exhaust port of the cleaning valve really should be fatigued to the out of doors with an exhaust pipe (when exhaust is not permitted to be outdoor, the exhaust fuel therapy will have to be performed first).
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